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Attraction of this complex is that of the organization, namely, the one in the CIS landscaped zoo, where in the first place are large, comfortable cages for animals, in which they will be presented as acceptable living conditions. The total area of over 67 hectares of the zoo, to date, has invested nearly 14. Of which 10 ha of exposure, representing a collection of nearly a hundred species of animals. To the millennium of Yaroslavl is supposed to master the third stage zoo
Location: Yaroslavl, Shevelyuha village, 129, tel.             (4852) 71-01-91      , 71-00-50
Opening hours: from 10 to 17

Open local entrepreneur Andrew Torbin in 2009 in a building closed for a few years before the sports complex (Street School House, 1a). The first animals were three whales and sea lions brought from Cape Chkalov. It is planned to have another two bottlenose dolphins and two sea kotikov.Basseyn rectangular, 25 × 11 m, 750 m ³, two levels of depth in shallow water for swimming with the animals up to 1.5 m deep, and deep water for training, presentations and rest animals - 4.5 m Tribune accommodate 146 seats, will be expanded to 285. Total capacity (including standing room) 500 chelovek.2011 year. Based on the center opened dolphinarium dolphin therapy. Specially prepared for him a separate pool with trained animals.
Now Dolphinarium two whales, four dolphins and 3 seals. 

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Address: Yaroslavsky District, pos. Oaks Street. School, 1, tel.             (4852) 99-44-77