Yaroslavl. Church of St. John the Baptist in Tolchkovo

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     Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist in pushing - one of the best churches in Yaroslavl. It was built in 1671-1687 years in Tolchkovskoy settlement, inhabited by leather workers, rich people, who decided to build a temple of their settlement, in no way inferior to the central, if not surpassing them. Participated in the construction of all Tolchkovskaya settlement - if not money, then by their own labor.
    This is the largest parish church in Yaroslavl, and recognizes outstanding monument of the Yaroslavl architecture, its highest point. When its construction was used many techniques Yaroslavl church architecture, a sample taken the best urban churches, but not copied and implemented in new ways. The plan is similar to the Temple of the Church of St. John Chrysostom in the barn, but the size of it much more - and in height, and area. The most significant difference between St. John Church - a form completed aisles. If you look, the whole temple is crowned with fifteen chapters - five large, on the main screen, and five small, closely-set domes bulbs symmetrical aisles. Completion of such chapels in Yaroslavl has not occurred, and later almost never used. In addition, the chapels themselves - the same height as the main volume, it was also a novelty. On three sides of the church straddles one-story galleries that create a feeling of more b√≥lshey height of the main volume. The galleries are three steps to the top and domoobraznym of unusual design inputs: semicircular arches decorated portals outside the "weights".

     All the walls are ornamented with tiles and patterns of lekalnogo (figure) brick, so that a smooth space on them is almost impossible to find. It seems that the Church turned into a luxurious Persian rug. Gallery walls keep up the bulk of their decoration - they decorate the same patterns of tiles and shaped bricks.
    Inside the church is no less gorgeous than the outside. It's painted in 1694-1695 samyeluchshie master Yaroslavl - slobozhane not stingy with the decoration of his main temple. Led the team of artists known bearer Dmitry Grigoryev Plekhanov also Yaroslavl, who worked in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, and Rostov Veliky, and Vologda, and, of course, in Yaroslavl. Later, in the early 1700's, the same artists and galleries with painted chapels. He was assisted by the young, but also well-known master Fyodor Ignatieff. Scenes depicted on the walls are many and varied: here and almost complete illustration of the biblical books, the creation of the world, and the Gospels.
    In 1708, the cathedral was a fire, burnt wood roofs. After that, the roof made steeper, hip and shifted zakomary, making them larger and higher. New roof hid the bottom of the drum, also decorated with tiles. Also in the XVIII century, replacing the central section, giving it a bizarre form in the Baroque style. Otherwise, we see the largest temple in the form of Yaroslavl, where he was seen by those who built it.

     Next to the temple at the turn of XVII-XVIII centuries, a separate bell tower was erected a magnificent 45 meter tall. This is a tall pillar with two deaf and four outdoor decks, decorated with carved arcades. The bell tower is made in a new Yaroslavl Baroque style, but surprisingly integrates seamlessly with the temple, by the fact that the division into tiers for both buildings is the same.

    The ensemble of the Church of St. John Chrysostom in Tolchkovo also include Holy Gates, in Baroque style, built around the end of the XVII century. This modest, particularly in comparison with the rest of the ensemble, structure, very similar to its holy gates Korovniki. Temples were surrounded by a low wall, now dismantled.

    Near the temple Ioannovsky, south of it, was a small winter church of the Assumption, built in 1686. It was a modestly decorated the church with a dome and a refectory. Part of it can be seen in old photographs preserved by Prokudin-Gorsky. In Soviet times it was closed and turned over to the adjacent dining room paint factory. In 1950 the church was demolished.
    The rest of the complex was restored and a monument put under state protection. In 1950 it conducted restoration work has been particularly difficult job to remove the roll bell, which threatened to collapse. Now in the church continued research and restoration work under the guidance E.A.Chizhova. The temple itself is part of the Yaroslavl Museum-Preserve.

    Interior photos of the Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist in Tolchkovo shown on this page have been met, Prokudin-Gorsky, 1911.
    Another photo Prokudin-Gorsky gives an idea of how to look outside the ensemble of the church in 1911.:


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