Amusement Park in Budapest

  1.     Vidampark
        Budapest, Allatkerti korut 14-16

Budapeshstky amusement-park appeared in its present form in 1950 through the merger of pre-existing temporary park Vurstli and so-called English Garden (Angol park). His neighborhood is already in the XIX century was a popular holiday destination and weekend excursions budapeshttsev. Since the opening of the zoo attendance has increased even more. Currently, an amusement park covers an area of ​​6.5 ap, where children and adults are available to 40 different rides and attractions, of which 5 are considered monuments. At the entrance gate all get a free leaflet with a map printed on it and a short description (in English and German) of each attraction, so you will be much easier to navigate the maze of roundabouts.

In recent years the amusement park has taken care to raise the standard of services and equipment of modern machinery, which were quickly appreciated by the visitors and they are popular. But there are no flaws in the historical wonders of technology, which is certainly a roundabout with a 1906 kilometer long wooden or chain of mountains in 1922 from a gondola hanging on the devil's mill can survey the neighborhood, but on a more modern roller coasters to feel the real congestion, which have military.

Budapest amusement park visits each year millions of visitors, and over the years in its territory are various activities that are intended primarily for children. The youngest (10 years) can play in a mini amusement park, where the toys are adapted in time for their growth and opportunities. Organized and Park (Gyermekkert), at sites where children can play in the yard they know the game.